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Why Choose Us

  • Sunny Trading Company is known for her sincerity and good customer service.
  • Sunny trading is in co-operaton with over 500 manufacturing factories,also the right company where you can get quality products from manufacturers with good target price.
  • We are in co-operation with a Nigerian based company (Tony Global Leading and Logistics CO,.Ltd). They handle cargo and shipping to Nigeria, they are also the brand owners of TGL Brake Shoe.
  • Sunny trading service charge is as low as 5% when our customer is a registered member and have a good business record with us, they can enjoy the benefit of their goods being shipped before the completion of 50% payment to the manufacturer.

About Us

After we interviewed about 200 foreign companies on challenges they encounter while trying to do business in china, we observed that they share similar challenges, which is inadequate resources to source for manufacturing factories in china, some of them strike business deals with chinese distributors with the thought they are dealing with manufacturing factories, and this effect often affect the price factor, chinese distributors obviously affix their profit to the manufacturers price and this tends to increase production cost, sunny trading have made provision for adequate resources to aid source for reliable manufacturing factories in china with no additional cost affixed on the production cost. Sunny trading company help to bargain production cost in-line with clients target price, can provide you with Quality Control, Export Advice, Find Demands and other services.


Send Inquiry

1. Send us an inquiry, telling us what kind of products you want and the requirements for customization.
2. A professional agent will contact you, help you find the best manufacturer, get the most competitive prices, and offer the most economical and stable logistics solution.
3. You pay for the cost of mass production. The agent follows up on the production and arranges to storage all products in our warehouse.